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The Problem:

Youíve acquired a few thousand Mp3ís over the years and theyíve all been neatly tagged with the album art embedded in the ID3V2 tags, wow that took a lot of time.

Now you load them onto your cool new device (phone, mp3 player or whatever), yeah youíre ready to go show it off to all your friends.

Hey whatís wrong I canít see half my album covers? Oh crap! Now thatís NOT cool.


Itís seems that some players donít like album art in the tags being over a certain size.

Just what size is that you ask? Well thereís not an easy answer itís a combination of file size and the dimensions of the album art, I think maybe only the bit and byte gods know for sure.

What To Do:

You can copy the album art into the folders that youíve neatly put all your music in.

You did organize all your Mp3ís by album in their own folder right? (Itís the only way you can use this method.)  No youíre disorganized and just threw all the songs in one big folder called ďStuff I Listen ToĒ or "My Music" (how unoriginal)

Great now what?

Ok itís time to resize the album art in the tags. First you need a tagging tool that can extract the artwork from the tags and save it as a file then youíll need to use your favorite photo resizing tool to change the dimensions of the picture (250 x 250 saved at 80% quality jpeg works well with even the oldest devices)

Hey go have a coffee break because thereís still more.

Oh your back? Good, now all you have to do is retag all of the Mp3ís with your resized album art and youíre Sansaís good to go show off to the world.

Isnít There An Easier Way?

Sanse Mp3 Art Sizer to the rescue.

With the Mp3 Art Sizer you can size the album art inside the Mp3 file (or a bunch of files) with just a few clicks, you just load up your files hit go and let the resizer do the work.

System Requirements:

  Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows8 (all except RT), Windows 10

  800 x 600 Screen Resolution *1024 x 768 or higher recommended

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